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Neue Familienfotos/Neue Photos of the Family USA

Dorothy's 86th birthday party 16.6.2001
Agnes Fink, Susan Domrose, Kathy Best, Allison Gass,
Dorothy, Lisa Domrose, Scott Best, Kris Best, Sally Thomson, Doug
  Zur Introseite
Scott an Kathy
Scott and his mother Kathy Best
  Kris and Karen
Kristin Thomsen and Karen Thomsen Hubbard (ca. 1995)
Kathy, Penny and Bill Best (Dec. 2004)
Dorothy Kohoutek 2000
Dorothy Johnson Kohoutek (16.06.2000)
  Susan and Kathy 2000
Susan Domrose (geb. Kohoutek), Kathy Best (geb. Kohoutek) (09.2000)
  Scott and Kris Best
Scott and Kris Best and their dogs (2000 ?)
Eric and Allison
Eric Gass and Allison Best
Wedding: Allison Best Gass, Lisa Domrose and Mark Domrose
Penny Jane Best, daughter of Scott and Kris Best (Dec. 2004)
Dorothy and Allison
Dorothy Kohoutek and Allison Best (ca. 2000)
The Fishbone Restaurant, formerly Thomsen's Resort
(Feb. 2001, Photo by Margaret Zerwekh)
  Sally Thomsen
Sally Thomsen (ca. 1995)
Suzi and Bob's wedding
Suzi and Bob's wedding 03.03.2003
  Ian Domrose
Ian Domrose, son of Mark and
Maureen Domrose (20 Nov. 2004)
  Danielle Domrose
Danielle Domrose, daughter of Mark and
Maureen Domrose (20 Nov. 2004)
Susan Doro Mimi
Susan Domrose, Dorothy Kohoutek,
Marion Fink (ca. ??)
  Susan and others
Susan Domrose, Kathy Best, Agnes Fisher,
Dorothy Kohoutek, Marion Fink (ca. ??)
  Ian and Danielle Domrose
Danielle and Ian Domrose, children of
Mark and Maureen Domrose (ca. 04.2001)

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